St Dunstan’s Chapel on the south side of the chancel is specially set aside for local people to pray in.  There is a candle burning in a hanging lamp to show that the bread and wine which is the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood is kept here to take to those who are too ill to come to church.  On one pillar there is a special picture called an icon; it shows Mary holding Jesus and is painted in the Orthodox style.  On the walls are many memorials to people who have prayed here.

St Dunstan was Archbishop of Canterbury in the 10th century and scenes from his life are depicted in the south-east window.  Behind the altar is a carved panel showing St Dunstan, St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke, St John and St Martin.  Dunstan is holding a hammer, no doubt a bell hammer, as he is the patron saint of bell ringers.  On the altar is carved a Christmas scene of the birth of Jesus.  Above it, the east window shows people being raised from the dead – the widow of Nairn’s son, Lazarus and Jairus’s daughter.