St Katharine’s Chapel is on the north side of the Cathedral to the left of the Sanctuary.  For centuries the Herrick family provided mayors, town clerks and clergy for Leicester.  Later the Herricks lived in Beaumanor Hall near Loughborough, which is now an education centre.

Behind the altar is a carved panel showing Jesus on the cross with Mary his mother and John on either side of him.  In the window above is St Katharine, who was tied to a wheel and tortured (hence the firework named after her).  On the left is St Francis of Assisi, and on the right is the 17th century poet Robert Herrick.  He became rector of a Devon parish and is shown seated in the garden.  The chapel is also known as the Herrick chapel.

The small door in the north west corner leads to Guildhall Lane and was used by pregnant women to pray to Katharine for safe delivery.  It also leads to the steps up to the belfry.