LCQPBThe Cathedral and Diocese of Leicester, the City and County Councils and the University of Leicester have joined together to form a Partnership Board, which will encourage and co-ordinate the development of the Cathedral Quarter.  This Board came into being in September 2013 and is made up of senior representatives of each of the partners.  In the immediate future the partners will, in various ways, respond together to the challenges and opportunities presented by the discovery of the remains of King Richard III and subsequent planned reinterment of those remains in Leicester Cathedral.

Why have a Partnership Board?

Leicester Cathedral and the area in its immediate vicinity represent a significant focus for visitors, educational facilities and commemorative events.  Leicester Cathedral as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Leicester serves both the City of Leicester and County of Leicestershire.

The discovery of the remains of Richard III, the planned Visitor Centre and the redevelopment of Cathedral Gardens present an unprecedented opportunity to welcome increased numbers of visitors to Leicester, particularly to the area around the Cathedral, Guildhall, St Martins House and the new King Richard III Visitor Centre.  We’re sharing with all these people the story of the city’s past, its vibrant life and faith and to offer opportunities for learning, reflection, spiritual and material refreshment and fun.

The Board will develop an agreed vision for and provide strategic co-ordination of the works and activities in the Partnership area.  This refers in particular to Cathedral Gardens and the reinterment of Richard III, plus the on-going development and maintenance of public events and facilities.  The Board will, as far as possible, ensure that all joint ventures, partnerships and activities with which they are involved are carried out in a collaborative manner and in accordance with these aims and objectives.

Where exactly is the Cathedral Quarter?

The Cathedral Quarter is the part of the City of Leicester in the vicinity of the Cathedral, bounded to the north by Guildhall Lane, to the east by St Martins East, to the south by St Martins and Peacock Lane (but including the Richard III Visitor Centre), and to the west by Applegate.  Key properties within it include:

  • Leicester Cathedral
  • Leicester Cathedral Gardens (including parts of the public highway)
  • The new King Richard III Visitor Centre
  • St Martins House
  • The Guildhall (including the Leicester Cathedral Visitor Centre)

Who makes up the Board?

The Board is chaired by the Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Tim Stevens, and its other members currently are:

  • Sir Peter Soulsby, City Mayor of Leicester (who co-chairs the Board)
  • Mr Frank Jordan, Strategic Director for City and Neighbourhoods, Leicester City Council
  • The Very Revd David Monteith, Dean of Leicester
  • Mr Nick Rushton, Leader of Leicestershire County Council
  • Mr John Sinnott, Chief Executive of Leicestershire County Council
  • Sir Bob Burgess, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester
  • Mr Mark Thompson, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester
  • Mr Stephen Barney, of St Martins Cathedral Properties Limited

Mr Jonathan Kerry, Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary of the Diocese of Leicester, acts as Secretary of the Board and administers its affairs.  You can contact the Board c/o Mr Kerry at