Prayer Requests

If you have a person you would like to be prayed for by name, please contact the Cathedral Office and they will be included in the prayer list for two weeks.

If you have asked for a person to be included please keep us advised of their well-being and let us know if you would like them to remain on the prayer list.

We pray for all the members of the Cathedral Community prevented from worshipping with us, including all those who will share in the Eucharist by home communion.

We pray for all those who have a heavy burden to bear at this time. We also pray for all who have recently died, and for all whose anniversaries fall at this time.

Pastoral Care

A group of commissioned lay people, working with the clergy, take Holy Communion out to those who are unwell or who are now unable to attend worship at the Cathedral.

Pastoral visits to hospital, nursing and residential homes, and to people at home can be arranged for our congregations by contacting the Cathedral Office.

Cancer Care Prayer

The Cancer Care prayer meeting takes place in an informal setting and is open to anyone who is affected by cancer, whether through illness itself or through contact with a friend or relative who has been diagnosed.

Perhaps you have not been directly affected, but would like to come to pray and think about those who have.

The meeting is an opportunity to talk, to reflect, to pray and offer support and takes place every Tuesday at 3.00pm in St Dunstan’s Chapel.

For more details contact the Cathedral Office. 

Wholeness and healing

The Cathedral holds a special Eucharist in celebration of Wholeness and Healing every Tuesday at 1.00pm.

Further information about the Church of England’s Healing Ministry can be found on the new website