Cathedral Reordering Designs Approved

The Dean and Chapter of Leicester Cathedral are delighted to announce that their revised proposals for internal reordering have been approved by the Cathedral Fabrics Commission for England.  These proposals will allow the mission and the work of the Cathedral to grow and take into account changes that will allow for the reinterment of King Richard lll.  They also include improvements to the layout of the building for worship and for two new stained glass windows.

The agreed changes to the inside of the Cathedral have taken account of the views of a number of specialist bodies, including English Heritage and the 20th Century Society, and also those of members of the public.  The first submission in September 2013 required a number of revisions which the CFCE discussed at their recent meeting on 20 March 2014.  Once the outcome of the Judicial Review is known these plans will be made public.

The Dean, the Very Revd David Monteith, is very pleased: “I am so delighted that our respectful yet imaginative proposals have been accepted.  These permissions open up the way for major changes in the Cathedral which will help us become more effective in our witness and service.  Our consultants and staff have worked very hard to develop the architectural vision for a great cathedral at the heart of a great city and county”.

Josh McCosh, Partner at vHH and leading the project, said: “Since we began working for the Dean and Chapter in 2008 we have been exploring ways of reordering the Cathedral which respect its historic fabric and character.  I am very grateful for the input of all we have discussed the proposals with, and very happy that the CFCE has now accepted that our proposals will create the liturgical spaces that the Cathedral needs, and provide a suitable resting place for Richard III, whilst minimising losses to the historic fabric.”