Dean’s Discussions: Volume IV – Listen Online

Tuesdays in October at Leicester Cathedral saw the fourth series of Dean’s Discussions. This series is inspired by some of the arts and crafts that were commissioned and created towards the reinterment of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral earlier this year. The discussions can be listened to online; see the link at the bottom of the page.

The speakers were:

6 October – Jacquie Binns, who, working in the tradition of ecclesiastical embroideries, designed and made the coffin pall that covered the coffin of Richard III during repose.  Jacquie’s strong sense of mission underpins her accomplished creations that use coloured silks in freehand embroidery.

13 October –  James Elliott, who carved the tomb for Richard III.  James is a local craftsman acclaimed in his understanding of naturally occurring materials such as the Swaledale fossil stone of the tomb and Alabaster used in the altar.  Hear how Alabaster has not been mined in this area for over 50 years and how ancient knowledge was recounted in order to make this happen.

20 October Thomas Greenaway, who trained in Italy in the ancient art of Pietra Dura and was chosen to reproduce the crest of Richard III that appears on the plinth of the tomb, using many tiny pieces of stone including lapis lazuli, and intriguingly a small amount of what is now a small supply of Duke’s Red that will never be mined again.

27 October – finally, world-respected stained-glass artist Thomas Denny talked about his work so far on the thinking behind his richly layered designs and his application of those to glass using medieval techniques still in use today.

The Dean’s Discussions can be listened to online, via our Soundcloud account. Click on the link below:

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