Defibrillator for Cathedral Gardens

On Monday 19 February the Bishop of Leicester and the Dean of Leicester unveiled a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) at St Martins House, adjacent to the Cathedral. The defibrillator has been given on long term loan by the national charity, the Community Heartbeat Trust.

Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Martyn Snow said: ”We are very glad to be able to host this life-saving equipment for the surrounding community as it will be available for members of the public and tourists visiting the Cathedral, St Martins House Conference Centre and Lodge, the new accommodation that will open later this year, as well as for the other venues, shops and businesses surrounding the Cathedral Gardens and St Martins area of Leicester.

Nick Quinn, Director of St Martins House, says “We are incredibly grateful to the Community Heartbeat Trust for their provision of a defibrillator to St Martins House and Cathedral Gardens. Visitors to Cathedral Gardens have increased in recent years making it a vibrant and flourishing part of the city centre. We are proud to be able to offer to raise the annual donation to maintain the device and ensure this vital lifesaving equipment is available to all in need.”

The device has been installed on the outside of St Martins House within easy access of visitors to St Martins House Conference Centre, Leicester Cathedral, the Richard III Visitor Centre and The Guildhall.

The incident of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the UK is about 1 in every 1000 people per annum, meaning there are around 60,000 per year. This can happen at any age or sex, and time to treat the patient is critical, with the patient dying at about 20% per minute.

“By placing defibrillators into communities and by undertaking training schemes in the locality we will save lives” says Martin Fagan, National Secretary for CHT. “We are delighted to have helped St Martins House and Cathedral Gardens surrounding area, including the world famous Richard III Visitor Centre.

The Community Heartbeat Trust is the leading charity in the provision of community defibrillators. To date CHT have placed over 4000 sites in the UK and actively supports churches, homeless centres and areas of need as well as over 400 village sites in Leicestershire and Rutland. CHT will only use equipment that is suitable for community and supports communities for the long term through training, governance and sustainability programmes.