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Project Director’s Update – 13 December 2018

Making the deadlines!

Last week (December 4) we submitted our Round 2 funding application to the Heritage Lottery Fund. This past week we also submitted to the local authority for planning permission (for externals) and to CFCE for their approval for the whole scheme – inside and out.

Revised plans still on display

Responses to the display in the north transept were very positive, with 89% of those filling in cards saying they liked all (66%) or most (23%) of what they saw. 9% liked some of it, and only 2% didn’t like it at all. These figures have been passed on to the local authority as part of our planning application.


We are also about to issue our latest e-newsletter on the project. You may well already be on the mailing list, but if you think you’re not and would like to be, please let us know, by giving us permission to email it to you, and we’ll make sure you get it.

Pete Hobson
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Project Director’s Update – 5 December 2018

Revised Plans on Display

On Tuesday 4 December, Chapter agreed unanimously to submit our Round 2 funding application to the Heritage Lottery Fund – which has now been done. This should lead to a final decision at the end of March 2019 and a hoped for start on site later in the year.

The LCR displays in the north transept are now showing images of the revised proposals for the new Heritage Learning Centre that have emerged from the recent redesign exercise. Do take a look, and do also fill in a response card available in the Cathedral telling us – and the city planners! – what you think.

Pete Hobson
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Project Director’s Update – 30 November 2018

This week (beginning 2 December) sees us mounting a further Public Consultation on the revised proposals for the new Heritage Learning Centre that have emerged from the redesign exercise carried out in the last couple of months. This will be located in the north transept, where the regular LCR exhibition stands are, and will be here until next Sunday 9 December. Do take a look in the week or on Sunday – and do fill in a response card telling us what you think!

Meanwhile Chapter meets this Tuesday 4 December to agree the Round Two application to the Heritage Lottery Fund which can lead to a final decision in March 2019 and a hoped for start on site later next year.

Pete Hobson
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Project Director’s update – 4 October 2018

As the HLF submission deadline of 4 December draws nearer we’re busy completing various important bits of work required for that.  A really crucial one is the Cathedral’s Business Plan, which will cover the period from next year, when work is due to start, through to the three years past reopening – with a look beyond that too. Alongside making sure the capital works can take place, it clearly needs to include provision for the new ways of operating that will be needed once we fully re-open, assumptions about visitor numbers and income lines. Beyond all that, it is written to make it clear our core purpose is and will remain being place of worship, witness and welcome. The current draft was reviewed by Chapter on Friday 5th October, with the intention of final sign-off next month.

Another important piece of work is around how we review all this activity – as it’s no use setting out to do something and not asking yourself at the end how you got on. Or indeed along the way how it’s going. So we have Oakmere consultants helping us develop our Evaluation framework.

On 2nd October we held an evening called The Accidental Philanthropist for 120 potential friends from further afield. In the course of the evening we gave a voice to three of our Chapels – St Katharine, St George and Christ the King – each speaking of the people memorialised in there, ordinary people who in their time made extraordinary contributions. You can find the scripts for this on-line on the Revealed section of our website here.

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Stonework repairs complete
The scaffolding has gone and the repairs are now revealed including the new grotesques of a Fox and a Tiger. The rather more pink sandstone is of similar geological make-up to the existing stone on the building. This work has been funded by a grant of £315,000 from the National World War I Fund for Cathedrals which house significant WW1 Memorials and £35,000 from the Headley Trust (one of the Sainsbury Family Trusts) alongside a contribution from Chapter. Therefore the total cost of these repairs is in the region of £365,000. We are very grateful indeed for this support which has enabled this work to be done.

Work in progress
Chapter met on 17 July and had before it interim reports from our Activity Planners, who advise us and HLF on the ways we will engage people with the new-look cathedral – and our Business Planners, who help us work out how all of this will keep us sustainable for the future. Many of you have taken part in various consultations and workshops that have helped inform their work over recent months, so thanks again for that. The next stage of reporting is to an HLF ‘mid-term review’ meeting on 7 September which will help prepare us for the full Round Two submission at the end of November.

Congregational support
Thanks to all who have taken a copy of the letter from Lynette Maple and myself about our own renewed contribution to the overall project, and for those who have already let us have their response. The letters are still available, so if you didn’t yet pick up a copy, please do take one as you leave.

Pete Hobson
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8 August 2018


Stonework repairs – all is being revealed
As I write the final touches are being put to the repair work which has been running since January. The scaffolding is due to start coming down from 23 July which will take up to two weeks, and then all will be revealed. You will see that the stone used for repair is slightly pinker in colour than some of the stone it is replacing. This is because the right quality of sandstone is only available from the quarries in this tone – but in fact the whole cathedral bears the marks of centuries of work and repair, and in that sense it simply adds to the picture. You will also get to see from below the Fox and Tiger grotesques standing proudly on the south face, west of the Vaughan porch.

Our Museum Studies MA students
The University of Leicester Museum Studies MA Course attracts students from across the world. Kate Skelton (Canada) and Madeline Hughes (USA) are completing their studies with a summer placement at Leicester Cathedral throughout this July and August. Kate is acting as an Inventory Officer at the Cathedral, focusing on updating the current digital collections records as part of her university programme and  Madeline is working in partnership with the closed All Saints Church, Highcross Street creating an inventory of the Church and its rich history, dating back to the medieval ages. The Cathedral and its stories are an integral part of Leicester and they are both excited to take on the challenging opportunity to help bring them to life.

Take your letter
On Sunday 15 July we invited all members of our congregation to take a copy of a letter from Lynette Maple and myself about our own contribution to the overall project. They are still available, so if you weren’t here, or didn’t pick up your copy – please do take one from the sides-people as you leave.

Pete Hobson
Contact info – or 0116 261 5363
19 July 2018


After the Fox, the Tiger
The Tiger has now joined the Fox in place up at high level on the south-west face of the Cathedral, behind the hoardings (see below). We now expect these to be removed from week beginning 23 July, and we will all be able to see not only those two great new characters, but also the full extent of stonework repairs carried out since we started on site last January.

What about the main Project?
We continue to press on through this crucial Development phase with architects and allied disciplines working on design, and our fund-raising team doing what they do.  We recently submitted further plans to CFCE for Advice at their forthcoming meeting to be held on 19 July. If all goes well, we then have a deadline of the end of August to finalise plans for both them and the local authority, asking for formal planning consent.

Pete Hobson
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6 July 2018


What do the public think?
Thanks again to all who took part in the consultation on current design thinking from 5-10 June: some of the more recent images used there are now in the permanent project display in the north transept. What that exercise tells us is that of those who completed the forms almost 9 out of 10 people either wholly or mostly supported the reasons for the project (22% mostly, 66% wholly) and 8 out of 10 liked most or all of what they saw of the plans. There were a good number of further comments which, of course, we’ll also be taking on board. It’s encouraging to know we’re on the right track, and you can expect some further refinement of the plans before we submit for permissions in the early autumn.

Interestingly, just over half of those responding (58%) were regular attenders at the cathedral, whether for worship or other reason) but at the other extreme 15% were first or second time visitors. Also just under half live in Leicester, 2 in 10 in Leicestershire and 3 in 10 came from further afield.

The Fox has arrived
Yes, the fox is now on-site and duly installed, and a photo of him is below. The Tiger should follow shortly. The full ‘unveiling’ will have to await completion of all the work over the summer.

Pete Hobson
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13 June 2018


Activity Consultation Day – Sunday 22 April
Once the building work is done and dusted, a big part of the project will involve various strands of new activity that this all makes possible. In order to help us plan what these should be, and who we want to attract. Our Activity Planners, Julia Holbrook Associates, have been working with us since the start of the year helping get the best ideas for all of that. They will be with us on Sunday 22 April, between 12 and 2.30pm, looking for our input to that process – both as a congregation, and also responses from the general public. It would be great if you could plan to be with us to have your say!

Embracing a Different View
‘A Different View’ is the name of the Business Consultants we have appointed, who over the next 6 months will help us put together the sustainable plans that will inform how we aim to work not just for the duration of the Revealed project but for the next 10 years. They will ultimately report to Chapter in the autumn, but in the meantime will be working away with different parts of the Cathedral’s life to help them help us arrive at the best plans possible.

RIBA 2 to RIBA 3
In my last Update I said we were near to the end of the planning stage known as RIBA 2. This was presented both to the HLF and to Chapter at the beginning of the month – and both were broadly content. We are now reviewing the cost plans for all of this, to make sure what we want to do and what we expect to spend match each other properly at this stage of the project

And finally, British Science Week, with the Museum of the Moon brought to us in partnership with the University of Leicester, showed us just what we’re capable of as a cathedral, and just what a challenge it is to step up to, as we look for new ways to truly be a beating heart for city and county!

Pete Hobson
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22 March 2018

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