Revealed News


What do the public think?
Thanks again to all who took part in the consultation on current design thinking from 5-10 June: some of the more recent images used there are now in the permanent project display in the north transept. What that exercise tells us is that of those who completed the forms almost 9 out of 10 people either wholly or mostly supported the reasons for the project (22% mostly, 66% wholly) and 8 out of 10 liked most or all of what they saw of the plans. There were a good number of further comments which, of course, we’ll also be taking on board. It’s encouraging to know we’re on the right track, and you can expect some further refinement of the plans before we submit for permissions in the early autumn.

Interestingly, just over half of those responding (58%) were regular attenders at the cathedral, whether for worship or other reason) but at the other extreme 15% were first or second time visitors. Also just under half live in Leicester, 2 in 10 in Leicestershire and 3 in 10 came from further afield.

The Fox has arrived
Yes, the fox is now on-site and duly installed, and a photo of him is below. The Tiger should follow shortly. The full ‘unveiling’ will have to await completion of all the work over the summer.

Pete Hobson
Contact info –  or 0116 261 5363
13 June 2018


Activity Consultation Day – Sunday 22 April
Once the building work is done and dusted, a big part of the project will involve various strands of new activity that this all makes possible. In order to help us plan what these should be, and who we want to attract. Our Activity Planners, Julia Holbrook Associates, have been working with us since the start of the year helping get the best ideas for all of that. They will be with us on Sunday 22 April, between 12 and 2.30pm, looking for our input to that process – both as a congregation, and also responses from the general public. It would be great if you could plan to be with us to have your say!

Embracing a Different View
‘A Different View’ is the name of the Business Consultants we have appointed, who over the next 6 months will help us put together the sustainable plans that will inform how we aim to work not just for the duration of the Revealed project but for the next 10 years. They will ultimately report to Chapter in the autumn, but in the meantime will be working away with different parts of the Cathedral’s life to help them help us arrive at the best plans possible.

RIBA 2 to RIBA 3
In my last Update I said we were near to the end of the planning stage known as RIBA 2. This was presented both to the HLF and to Chapter at the beginning of the month – and both were broadly content. We are now reviewing the cost plans for all of this, to make sure what we want to do and what we expect to spend match each other properly at this stage of the project

And finally, British Science Week, with the Museum of the Moon brought to us in partnership with the University of Leicester, showed us just what we’re capable of as a cathedral, and just what a challenge it is to step up to, as we look for new ways to truly be a beating heart for city and county!

Pete Hobson
Contact info –  or 0116 261 5363
22 March 2018