View to the Heritage Learning Centre – Image © vHH and HLF

Leicester Cathedral Revealed will realise our vision to restore the cathedral building, renew its sacred spaces, and reaffirm the Cathedral’s place at the centre of a resurgent city and county.

We know that when people are involved in an immersive, personal experience they engage more, learn more and grow. They don’t forget and they talk to others. That is why we have chosen the word ‘revealed’. It speaks of the industrial prosperity of the Victorian period which the Cathedral reveals as a living story told in stone, fabric and glass. It tells of the pioneering spirit of reform, applauded by the church and exemplified by the Arts & Crafts movement in its championing of traditional crafts and of the ordinary family home as worthy of high decorative art – families, personalities and stories abound and provide rich material for discussion, study and enjoyment. And it celebrates the convening power of the Cathedral to reveal the Christian message and to promote compassion and peace in a city where all religions are respected and common ground is firmly established.