New liturgical furniture arrives

New liturgical furniture for use in services has now arrived in the Cathedral.  The solid oak furniture comprises new choir stalls, seats for the College of Canons and presiding clergy, benches for Servers and a credence table, and was designed and made by Luke Hughes, working in conjunction with Van Heyningen and Haward, the architects overseeing the Cathedral reordering project.

Liz Ret, furniture designer at Luke Hughes, said: ‘The faceted styling, crisp edges and clean lines that the design team at Luke Hughes has incorporated into the pieces highlight the craft and expertise that have gone into the furniture.  We hope that the furniture is seen as a celebration for the arrival and reburial of Richard III into the newly ordered space at the Cathedral, and that the pieces are enjoyed and used for many years to come.’

The new cathedra, altar and interpretation items are due to arrive in the coming weeks.