Life within the community of the Cathedral is not just about Sunday Worship.  There are other groups that meet for a multitude of reasons – one such group is the Cathedral Walking Group.

The Cathedral Walking Group are a church group and therefore it is not surprising that churches feature in the programme. The Group looks to widen its experience by visiting a different church each month; there are no two churches the same, they are all fascinating in their own way and each has its quirks and foibles.

One of the best ways to get to know one another and to make new friends is to break bread together and so the Walking Group adds eating together to visiting a church.  But they are a walking group so now add a walk in the countryside around the church to the mix.

The Leicester Cathedral Walking Group usually meet at noon in a hostelry to enjoy fellowship until they sit down at 12.30 for lunch.  After lunch they adjourn to the local church where invariably a local guide awaits to share their knowledge.  After the visit they stroll the footpaths and byways for about 1½ hours, returning if possible for afternoon tea, before going home.

Over the last 3 years the Cathedral Walking Group have followed themes for the walks.  In 2011 the theme was Monasteries and Priories of Leicestershire, then in 2012 they took their theme from the Diocesan initiative to link churches to tourist attractions, Treasures Unlocked and in 2013 this theme continued with More Treasures Unlocked.

During 2013 seven beautiful churches were visited including St Peter’s at Tickencote, Lord Hazlerigg’s private Chapel at Noseley Hall and St John the Baptist at Kings Norton.  Each is different but each is beautiful.  One thing that they all have in common is the application of creativity inspired by Faith.  For every visit, a guide document is produced.

In April 2014 the Walking Group will begin their journey so watch this space for details of the programme that will be published before Easter 2014.

For further information or copies of any of the guides to churches visited please contact the Cathedral Office.