The King in the Classroom

Below are a selection of resources which relate the King Richard III story, both past and recent, to the curriculum and delivery of assemblies. The particular emphasis, but by no means exclusively, is Religious Education Key Stages 2 & 3.
The materials have been compiled, individually and collectively by Alison Adams (Leicester Cathedral), Fiona Moss (RE Today) and Ralph Wood (Leicester Diocese).
This work was funded in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

King Richard III and Key Stage 2 and 3 Religious Education
A scheme of work for primary and secondary schools in Leicester City and Leicestershire to link the life, death and final reburial of King Richard III with learning about Religious Education.

The new Cathedral windows – background information and pictures
These window designs are hugely evocative and thought-provoking, providing a useful lead in or link to obvious RE topics.

Silent debate – King Richard III related topics
This is a good method for exploring controversial issues and ensuring all pupils have a voice.

Windows on the soul – a slide show as an entry point into spiritual reflection
Using windows both the designs for the forthcoming new Cathedral windows and the poem by the Poet Laureate, together with other material, this short slide show takes windows as both object and metaphor to suggest some ways into personal reflection in the classroom.

King Richard III related themes
The King Richard III story invites reflection on many topics and at many levels. Here are some of the key themes which the Project team considered, briefly explored in more detail and for a wider audience.

Richard – poem by Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate
This was read by the actor, Benedict Cumberbach, at King Richard III’s re-interment.