Photographic Report from recent visit to St. Michael’s Cathedral, Kiteto by Revd Richard Worsfold, chair of Leicester Diocese’s Tanzanian Link Committee

During the course of my visit to Kiteto Diocese and the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro in June 2016 I was able to see the improvements that had been made at St. Michael’s Cathedral Kiteto as a result of recent support from St. Martins’ Cathedral, Leicester.

1.    New furniture
A substantial proportion of the £1,000 gift received by St. Michael’s Cathedral had been used to purchase fine quality furniture for the altar podium as below:

New Furniture 1  New Furniture 2

Above: new stalls for Canons with matching glazed desks

Below: new stalls and desks in use for first time during service for creation of new Cathedral Canons on 5th June

New Furniture 3

2. New Office for Cathedral Sub Dean

Canon Richard Mhehwa is the Sub Dean of St. Michael’s Cathedral (in TZ the Bishop is always the Dean!). Here is Canon Richard in his newly decorated office (thanks to support from Leicester Cathedral).

And here is Canon Richard with his wife. Cathedral staff are not paid a stipend but have to support themselves through growing crops; fortunately this year there has been a bumper sunflower and maize harvest!

Sub-Dean 1  Sub-Dean 2

The harvested sunflowers are lying in a huge pile waiting to be beaten so as to release their seeds. Canon Mhehwa is also responsible for the new diocesan bible college at St. Philip’s, Kibaya. Here 3 month refresher training courses are run for pastors and evangelists.

3. Cathedral Gardens Kiteto style!

An unfinished part of the Cathedral improvements are the gardens that are being established at the front entrance to the Cathedral. At present this is mainly concrete blocks, but they will soon be filed with greenery. The blocks also serve as flood barriers because in previous years the annual rains have often cascaded down the hill into the Cathedral!


4. Roof Repairs to St Michael’s Cathedral

A final proportion of the monies from Leicester Cathedral have been used to do some roof repairs, in particular sealing the main nave valley gutter with new metal strips. What are the key needs for the Diocese of Kiteto in the coming year? After helping purchase seeds after last year’s harvest failure and improving the Cathedral this year, the pressing need in 2016/17 is supporting the purchase of urgently needed textbooks for the secondary school. £120 will buy one shelf of textbooks (sufficient for one class). After encouraging ‘Form 4’ (GCSE) results this year, Kiteto Diocese has committed itself to purchase £6,000 worth of books each year for the next three years to secure good education for the children in Kiteto Christian College.