The Cathedral Chapter is the body responsible for directing and overseeing the administration of the Cathedral.  It sets policy and is responsible for providing the vision that leads all of the Cathedral’s activities.  In particular Chapter is responsible for:

  • Setting policy and direction;
  • Promoting the mission of the Cathedral;
  • Approving strategy;
  • Monitoring performance and compliance, and reporting on both in the Annual Report;
  • Setting an annual budget;
  • Appointing the Administrator and other senior staff and determining their remuneration.

Chapter meets once a month, and includes the Dean, the Canons Residentiary, members appointed by the Bishop and the Dean, and members elected by each of the College of Canons, the membership of the Electoral Roll and Cathedral Community Committee.

Members of Chapter:

The Very Revd David Monteith (Chair, Dean)
The Revd Canon Alison Adams (Sub-Dean)
The Revd Canon Rosy Fairhurst
The Revd Canon Johannes Arens
The Revd Canon Karen Rooms
The Revd Canon David Jennings
Dr Mary Ann Lund
Mr Arthur Binns
Mr Jonathan Kerry
Mrs Anne Dewdney
Mr Trevor Worsfold
Mrs Jane Avery
Mr Andrew Granger

In attendance:
Ms Elisa Simmons
The Revd Pete Hobson
Ms Clare Winfield