We have recently published our Strategic Plan 2017-2019. Please click here to read!

As the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Leicester,

“Reaching out to all, we witness to Christ holding all things in unity.”

The following set of values has been identified as the hallmark of Leicester Cathedral’s way of doing things, so in all things it will aim to be:

  • Outreaching
  • Quality filled
  • Welcoming
  • Radical
  • Prayerful
  • Inclusive
  • Confidence building – through support, encouragement and pastoral care
  • Vital to the life of the City and County

The following seven areas of activity demonstrate commitments to the Vision:

  • Supporting the mission of the Diocese and Bishop of Leicester
  • Strengthening the partnership between the Cathedral, the Diocese and the Bishop
  • Developing the Cathedral as a place of inspirational worship
  • A welcoming and hospitable place
  • Encouraging and supportive of our Cathedral Community
  • A centre of Christian education and a resource for all
  • Involved in the wider community