God calls all his people to service in his church.  For most people, this call will be to a life as teacher, cleaner, doctor, parent or sibling etc.  In addition some will be called to particular ministries of preaching, caring, evangelism, youth work or a consecrated life as a friar, monk or nun.  Our Diocese trains, licenses and commissions people as Pastoral Assistants, Evangelists, Readers, Youth Workers and Pioneer Ministers. 

In addition, some people are called to ordination to minister the sacraments as a priest, to preside and teach in the Christian community, to call others into the fellowship of Christ and to demonstrate that through service to the community.  This is a very particular life of ministry where people are selected to train by the national church after a period of discernment.  Please click this link to hear from those who have been exploring this path in Leicester.

Is God calling you?  All the Cathedral Clergy Team are very happy to discuss issues related to vocation and we can provide much more detailed information about what is required and what you need to do.