Press Release: University Confirms Richard III Found

It was announced at a press conference held on Monday 4 February that DNA tests performed by the University of Leicester had confirmed without doubt that the human remains found beneath the Greyfriars car park in September 2012 are indeed those of King Richard III, the last in the line of the Plantagenet monarchs.

In a statement made at that press conference, Canon David Monteith said:

“On behalf of the Bishop and Acting Dean of Leicester, I want to say how very thrilled we are to be part of this amazing day. We are delighted with today’s news. We at the Cathedral and Diocese share in the pride of serving such a great city as ours which still has the capacity to reveal such incredible stories.

“We applaud the skill, expertise and excellence of Leicester University which have led to this announcement. This has been a partnership from the start with the City Council, the University and the Richard III Society and we have been very pleased to co-operate with all the parties involved. I can confirm that the Cathedral have now received letters from both the City Council and Leicester University to further enact the requirements of the Licence which led to the exhumation of these human remains.

“This is a momentous day for our city and nation. We will now formally begin preparations and plans at Leicester Cathedral for an interment. Meanwhile we will be praying that through God’s love, King Richard III with all the departed may rest in peace and rise in glory.”