Leicester Cathedral welcomes gifts and bequests which can be made in a Will.  Gifts have in the past enabled us to expand and invest in the music of Leicester Cathedral and carry out essential repairs.  You can help us to fulfil our vision by making provision in your Will for a gift to Leicester Cathedral which needs your support today, tomorrow and a long time into the future.

There are reassuring aspects to leaving a bequest to Leicester Cathedral:

  • Every amount, large or small, will make a real difference
  • The Chapter of Leicester Cathedral will honour any request by you that your gift should be spent on either Leicester Cathedral in general or on an aspect of our ongoing work such as fabric, mission, music or education
  • Money left to Leicester Cathedral is exempt from Inheritance Tax

For information on how you can provide vital long-term support the cathedral through a gift in your Will, please download our Legacy leaflet.

If you have anything you would like to ask on the subject of gifts in Wills to Leicester Cathedral, please contact the Cathedral Office.