• The choristers are the voice of Leicester Cathedral
  • The choral tradition is at the heart of Leicester Cathedral’s daily life
  • The choral tradition is part of England’s heritage and is one that is admired throughout the world

Music at Leicester Cathedral is a core ingredient in supporting and enriching worship.

With your help we can sustain the high standard of music and help underpin the substantial financial commitment to music made by Chapter every year to the musical life of Leicester Cathedral.

Leicester seeks either committed annual funding of between £1,500 to £30,000 or a full endowment of between £30,000 to £600,000, for each of these posts:

  • Choral Scholars
  • Cathedral Organist
  • Director of Music

We welcome any and all support for music at whatever level is possible. You can support music at Leicester in one or more of these ways:

  • A donation towards the choristers’ charity
  • A donation for music in general or some other aspect of music at Leicester
  • A gift in your Will for music, choristers or other aspect of music at Leicester to help endow the future

In any of these cases you can specify that your gift is either for spending now or for long-term endowment to invest and give an annual return.

Please contact the Cathedral Office for further information.