The Loveliest Leicestershire White Rose

The judging of the competition to find the Loveliest Leicestershire White Rose took place on 6th July, and what a beautiful rose it was!

The winning bloom was grown and arranged by Claire Jackson of Thurmaston, who was thrilled with her prize of £100 of vouchers from Coles Nurseries (one of her white rose plants came from there!) She is particularly looking forward to being a guest of honour at the memorial service on 22 August where she will place white roses on the memorial stone in the way that has been done each year. Claire was “surprised and delighted to have won the prize of a place at the memorial service”.

The judging panel (pictured) consisted of Canon Barry Naylor (Urban Canon), James Coles (Coles Nurseries) and Josie Hutchinson (BBC Radio Leicester Gardening Expert). Barry Naylor said, “Judging was difficult. All the entries were excellent but all three of us judges agreed Claire’s rose was a most worthy winner!”

Each rose entered into the competition came with its own unique story. These included: The story of love from a rose that was a Valentines gift to a couple who are now married; the story of the mediaeval-looking rose with an exquisite scent that was most possibly over 400 years old; and then there was the rose came only because the arranger, Rosie, had fallen victim to a vicious rose thorn in her foot on the eve of the competition.

Leaving a white rose near the memorial of King Richard lll has become a tradition in Leicester Cathedral, particularly around 22 August, the date of his death, when the Cathedral will be holding a special service.