Baptism, sometimes known as Christening, marks a new beginning of Christian life whether we are adults or children. That journey to faith may already have been long or dramatic or even difficult or convoluted but this service provides us with a way in which we become full members of God’s church.  Baptism also presents to us the Christian story and invites us to make that story even more part of our life story. Baptism is available for children, young people and adults.

Baptism at the Cathedral can be offered for babies, children and adults who:

  • live within the Cathedral parish boundaries (a small area of the city centre) or
  • who are regular attendees or members of the Cathedral Community or
  • have a strong pastoral reason which will be considered by the Canon Chancellor (the Dean making the final decision).

If you qualify through the latter category, you will then be required to consult your local Church of England parish where you live before a Baptism can be arranged. Those who approach the Cathedral but who do not fit into the above criteria will be encouraged to become part of the Cathedral Community before making a formal request for Baptism.

Baptism normally takes place for children on designated Sundays (approximately 4-6 times per year) during the main 10.30am morning Eucharist. We try to publish dates at least 6 months in advance. Baptism for young people and adults normally takes place as part of the Diocesan Confirmation services which take place approximately four times per year in the Cathedral, including early on Easter Day. We will offer preparation for parents, and for the candidates themselves where they are old enough.

To receive an application form please email the Cathedral Office.

On return of the completed paperwork to Leicester Cathedral, St Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1 5PZ, the Canon Chancellor will arrange to meet with you, usually in the instance after a Sunday morning service.

There is no fee for baptism but we encourage you to make a generous thank offering in the collection during the service, using wherever possible the Gift Aid envelopes provided.

For more information, including information concerning Godparents and alternative services (such as a service to renew Baptismal promises, or a service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child), please view our Baptism Policy and Practice document. We offer preparation for Admission to Communion for younger children who are regular members of the Congregation from time to time.


Confirmations are normally held in the Cathedral at the Easter Vigil and on the Feast of Christ the King (the Sunday before Advent Sunday at the end of November).

If you are a Diocesan Parish Priest please ask for the forms and details to present to candidates for confirmation from Gillian Aird at in the Cathedral Office. The Canon Chancellor, Rosy Fairhurst, can answer your questions about the service on or 0116 261 5345.

Your Parish Priest will be able to prepare you for confirmation (if you come to the Cathedral this will be through courses arranged by Rosy), and would be the one to present you if you want to get confirmed at the Cathedral.

For queries and further information please contact the Cathedral Office.