Each year, there are several services for which the Cathedral choirs are on vacation.  The Cathedral welcomes Visiting Choirs to sing at these services, especially at weekends in July and August.  There is a Youth Hostel half a mile away and the Holiday Inn and a Travel Lodge are within easy walking distance.

Visiting Choirs usually sing for both the Eucharist at 10.30am and for Evensong at 3.00pm on Sundays. Some choose also to sing for Evensong on Saturday and we are always happy to accommodate this where possible, but please be aware that this is usually a said service and there is, as such, no regular congregation.


The following Sundays in 2017 are currently available for visiting choirs:
15 October (morning Eucharist only)
31 December

The following Sundays in 2018 are currently available for visiting choirs:
7 January
11 February
18 February
27 May
1 June
29 July
5 August
12 August
19 August
26 August
14 October
21 October
28 October
30 December

For further information contact the Director of Music, Christopher Ouvry-Johns, through the Cathedral Office, or write to us at:

Leicester Cathedral
St Martins House
7 Peacock Lane
Leicester, LE1 5PZ