How we care for one another lies at the heart of any community.  Comprising many overlapping communities and groups, we, at the Cathedral, try hard to ensure all feel welcome and cared for. We see pastoral care as an integral part of our shared life, with a concern for both the individual and the welfare of the whole community. Informal networks play a significant part, but we also intentionally look out for and support one another at times of need and sorrow, as well as rejoicing at times of joy. We believe pastoral ministry should be proactive rather than merely reactive.

The structures of our pastoral care are as follows:-

  • On a daily basis there is always a Canon in Residence, generally to be found around the Cathedral or the offices, who may be approached for support or phoned (see below for number).
  • Prayers are offered regularly for people with specific needs. See separate page for more details of this ministry and whom to contact.
  • We have a home visiting team who will, on request, visit and, if desired, bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to come to the Cathedral, unwell or in hospital or care homes. Clergy will also respond to emergencies as appropriate, including ministry to the dying.
  • Pastoral team members are present at many of our regular services, willing to chat afterwards, pray and/or light a candle with those in need.
  • At the Tuesday lunchtime Eucharist, there is the opportunity for prayers for wholeness and healing. See separate page for more details.
  • Pastoral care may also take place in the context of and through Cathedral activities and groups – for example the Choir or study groups.
  • Chaplains are also available during the daytime on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Fridays.

Canon Pastor and Sub-Dean, the Revd Canon Alison Adams:
Pastoral Assistant, Mrs Diana Belton:

Contact details:-
The Canon in Residence should be the first point of contact on 07399 523330.
If they are unavailable please contact the Cathedral Office on 0116 2615200.