Prayer lies at the heart of our worship and mission. People pray as individuals and together at regular times of worship, or less formally in groups. The daily rhythm of prayer and worship, which has been offered in our building for centuries continues unceasingly every day of the year.

Our community prayer life includes the following:-

The Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer. Morning Prayer is at 8.30a.m. every day except Monday (when there is a Eucharist). Evening Prayer or its choral version, Evensong, are at 5.30p.m. every day except Sunday when it is at 3.00p.m. However there are occasions when the timings have to change, so it is best to check the website if you are travelling for a particular reason.

Prayer stations in the Cathedral building, where candles may be lit and prayers offered. Prayer cards are available on which prayers may be written and left in a basket or handed in, to be prayed at the next or a subsequent services. No-one will contact you unless you request this.

There is a committed team praying for given people by request – perhaps as support for a hospital appointment or job interview for example. They will also pray for someone who needs long term support. This can include confidential requests.

You can request for a name to be included on our prayer list in the weekly newssheet. This appears on our website and is therefore in the public domain. We will need to have the person’s consent and contact details and a member of our pastoral team will keep contact with you. The name will remain on the list for 4 weeks unless we are advised otherwise.

Intercessory prayer, particularly on Sunday mornings, can include particular urgent and difficult situations, not disclosing many details, but usually mentioning individuals by name. We regularly pray for all those who have a heavy burden to bear at this time.  We also pray for all who have recently died, and for all whose anniversaries fall at this time and we pray for those who mourn their passing. We pray for all the members of the Cathedral Community prevented from worshipping with us through sickness or infirmity, including all those who will share in the Eucharist by home communion.

Silent prayer is offered in the Chapel of Christ the King from 10.00 – 10.15 on Sunday mornings, before the Eucharist.

A small group meets on a Tuesday afternoon at 3.00p.m. for a short informal time of candle lighting and naming of names in prayer. This, while currently entitled the Cancer Care Prayer Group, prays for people in many different and difficult situations, not just cancer sufferers.

For more details or to submit a prayer request please contact the Pastoral Assistant, Diana Belton, or phone the Cathedral office on 0116 2615200.