Peregrine Chicks

On Wednesday 1 May, the first peregrine chick of the year hatched on the Cathedral spire at 4.50pm.The female had been very restless most of the afternoon and refused to allow the male to incubate. The second of the four surviving eggs hatched at midnight. On 3 May, a third egg hatched at 7.40am, the female helping it from the shell. The hatching of the third chick marks the first time in seven years that the Leicester Peregrines have had three chicks!


Keep an eye on the Leicester Peregrines page to watch their live web cams!

The Leicester Peregrine Project is a run by the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society (LROS) with the help of Leicester City Council (LCC) and Leicester Cathedral. The objective is to Identify, Monitor and Promote the Conservation of Peregrines within Leicester and its environs.

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(Picture by Jim Graham)