We are restoring and renewing Leicester Cathedral so that it can be its very best as a place of worship, heritage, pilgrimage, hospitality, learning, sanctuary and celebration.

We need to do this because the cathedral spaces are inflexible and inadequate for current and future use. The infrastructure - lighting, heating and decorations – needs to be upgraded. And the tenfold increase in visitors, who come to see the tomb of King Richard III, has made the need more urgent.

That is why we have decided not only to restore our Cathedral but to transform it.

Leicester Cathedral Revealed is our £12.7m project to put the building back into good order, create more space for learning, better manage visitor flow and improve the individual experience of being within the Cathedral.

For this, we have taken our inspiration from our forebears in the Victorian and Arts & Crafts periods, who must have considered similar questions a hundred or so years ago and come to solutions that were right for their time.

We have chosen the word ‘revealed’ to name our project.

It speaks to us of the industrial prosperity of the Victorian period - which the Cathedral reveals as a living story told in stone, fabric and glass. It tells of the pioneering spirit of reform - applauded by the church and exemplified by the Arts & Crafts movement. And it celebrates the convening power of the Cathedral - to reveal the Christian message and to promote compassion and peace in a city and county where all religions are respected.