Simply stated it is as follows:

  • He was been buried here under royal authority over 500 years ago in Grey Friars Abbey and has rested here ever since, in the parish of St Martin
  • The license for the dig was properly applied for by the University and complies with best practice, by reinterring human remains in the nearest consecrated ground
  • Permission for the dig was given by the Council, owners of the land, on the condition of reinterment in the Cathedral
  • Whilst it is sometimes stated Richard would have wished to be buried elsewhere there is no real evidence for this and in any case the wishes of a deceased person are not the legal basis for decisions on interment or reinterment
  • Whilst Richard has no direct descendants, there are probably well in excess of 1 million people related to him, albeit all of them very distantly.    The views of a small number of them should be seen in that context.  The only two positively proven relatives by DNA testing support reinterment in Leicester Cathedral

The Cathedral, City Council and University of Leicester have been working together positively and actively, with other key groups, to fulfil the properly made request for reinterment.   No other suggested location is making any such preparations

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