Leicester Cathedral’s King Richard lll Community Appeal launched

Download your King Richard III Appeal Fundraising Pack or donate direct to  http://don8.to/LEIC001.

Leicester Cathedral’s King Richard lll Community Appeal launched. Play your part in reburying King Richard lll in Leicester.

From today (Wednesday 26 November) people across the city and county can help raise the money, which will be used to reinter King Richard lll in the Cathedral in March 2015. At the same time you will be supporting modern soldiers suffering with mental health problems.

The Cathedral needs to complete raising the £2.5m for the reburial of King Richard III. Another £600,000 is required and in order to close in on the target a new Community Appeal is launched today. The money raised will be used to support the restyling of the Cathedral and go towards the cost of the King’s tomb, which will be revealed at a service on Friday 27 March.

To launch the appeal the children of King Richard lll Infant School in the west end of the city, are dressing up as Kings and Queens for the day to raise money. “The children are very excited to be part of the community appeal launch,” said Head Teacher Jenny Barrett. “Dressing up as kings and queens for the day is a great opportunity to take part in a bit of history and to have a right royal day of fun.”

As well as honouring a medieval soldier, the appeal will also recognise the sacrifice present day soldiers have made. Half the money raised by the fundraising efforts will be donated to Combat Stress, a charity that supports those whose lives are emotionally and mentally scarred by their experience of conflict. Peter Poole, Acting Chief Executive of Combat Stress, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to benefit from the King Richard III Community Appeal. The re-interment of his body will be an historic occasion and we are very proud to be a part of it.

Fundraising ideas, sponsorship forms, ways to donate and much more are available in a resources pack, which can be downloaded via the picture link below or visit http://www.leicestercathedralkingrichardiii.org/  or donate direct to  http://don8.to/LEIC001. The Community Appeal will run until the end of February 2015.

King Richard III Appeal

 Click the picture to download your King Richard III Appeal Fundraising Pack