Leicester Cathedral in the running to win HolidayLettings “UK’s Most Popular Cathedral” award!

Leicester Cathedral has been chosen by the UK’s leading holiday rentals site HolidayLettings.co.uk (owned by TripAdvisor) as one of the final 13 competitors in the running to be named the UK’s Most Popular Cathedral. To win the award, the Cathedral will need to receive the most votes on the Holiday Letting’s website. Voting ends on 30th March (mid-night), with the Cathedral getting the most votes crowned “The UK’s Most Popular Cathedral 2017” on the 31st March.

To drum up the support for your Cathedral, vote here – and feel free to encourage others to do the same!

Leicester Cathedral is at the physical heart of our city and county. Our church, built on the site of a Roman temple and dedicated to St Martin of Tours, has been embedded in the public, economic, cultural and religious life of this community since medieval times. Since 1927, as the seat of the Bishop of Leicester, we now gather people together for worship, celebration, lament, debate and service of the poor and vulnerable. We offer hospitality to the wider church, the communities of faith which make up our multicultural society and those who come as visitors to the East Midlands, especially in search of the story of King Richard III.

To vote, and for the full list of ‘the UK’s Most Popular Cathedrals’, click here: https://blog.holidaylettings.co.uk/vote-the-uks-most-popular-cathedral/