What is SoundCafé Leicester?

SoundCafé Leicester is a registered charity that provides a safe creative space for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or socially isolated. Our overall aim is to use the creative arts to help ensure that all people at risk of, experiencing or previously homeless are provided with support, care and a safe space to become the people they want to be. SoundCafé encourages, inspires and celebrates our guests’ capabilities and capacity for creativity, contribution and personal enrichment.

SoundCafé meets weekly at St. Martins House, Leicester and offers opportunities to promote feelings of well-being, confidence and self-esteem by enabling people to take part in creative activities such as singing together, poetry, crafts, drawing and painting.

Since the launch of SoundCafé in October 2014 the numbers of people attending have grown from 18 to over 40 per session.


Over 30 volunteers including Samaritans support SoundCafé’s work and offer their time and care to encourage people who are homeless to enjoy music and other arts.

How You Can help?

  • Donations
  • Support our concerts and events
  • Volunteering – this can be in many forms through regular weekly attendance, professional advice to our Trustee Board; or coming along to take a workshop as a musician or artist.

SoundCafé welcomes everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or ability. We recognise that with the right support, backing and partnership working, we can offer respect, dignity and security to those suffering and surviving homelessness in Leicester.

If you would like to help or require further information, please call on 0116 2555921.