Prayer Vigil for Tunisia

On Wednesday 1 July at 6.00pm there will be a Prayer Vigil in Cathedral Gardens, Leicester, to remember and pray for the victims of the recent shootings in Tunisia.

All are invited to join us in for a quiet and reflective time as we remember all those suffering because of this tragedy, especially victims, the injured, other witnesses, their families and friends.  Several Leicestershire families have been caught up in these tragic events and they are especially in our thoughts.

We also want to show solidarity with the people of Tunisia, themselves appalled and grieving at what has happened in their country, and to express thanks to the people of Sousse who courageously helped to prevent further deaths.

This is an important opportunity for people from all of Leicester’s communities to come together in prayer and reflection as a sign of our unity in the face of violence, hate and extremism of all forms.

On Friday, people across the country will also pause for a minute’s silence at 12.00 noon to remember the shootings.

Bishop Tim and Canon Barry Naylor