Weddings and Blessings

You do not have to be a regular churchgoer to get married in church. Couples choose a church wedding for many reasons. It may be because they enjoy getting to know their clergy, or because they like the personal touch, or because they love to feel close to their family past and present, because they get value for money, or because it feels like the right place to marry or because they feel God is there with them. The Church of England offers lots of advice to help you prepare – see

Leicester Cathedral accommodates small or large groups of people in a holy, and historic space. We have a beautiful choir. We have expert bell ringers. We have talented flower arrangers. We have precincts ideal for photographs. We can combine the best of tradition with the needs of contemporary couples, tailoring a celebration to your needs. We have an experienced, caring team to guide you through the preparations. We will help you understand the legalities and costs. We’ll help you plan your special service. And we’ll pray for you as you take this exciting step in your journey together.

Please bear in mind that as a Cathedral seeking to be available to all, and experiencing a high volume of interest in the Cathedral, we may not be able to be as accessible to you for your wedding as might your local parish church. To find out which parish you live in click here.

For further information or to make an appointment to discuss your plans further please contact the Cathedral Office.

Wedding Blessing after a Civil Marriage Ceremony

It is possible to have a service of blessing in the Cathedral with a Church of England service led by our clergy. These are designed by the clergy with each couple and tailored to reflect their particular needs. Fees can be explained at a meeting between the couple and clergy.

Remarriage after Divorce

After a period of reflection the Church of England now enables the remarriage of divorcees in the majority of cases. The process involves a conversation with one of the clergy and the filling in of a form. We are very happy to marry you at the Cathedral.

Prayer and Pastoral Care for same-sex couples entering a Civil Partnership or Marriage

The Church of England is not legally able to host a Civil Partnership or same-sex Marriage ceremony and is not able to offer a formal service sanctioned by the national church. That church continues to listen to and to understand the experience of LGBT people and how that experience relates to the bible and the teachings of the church. The Cathedral will expose instances of homophobia and address them through just and compassionate action.

We know that making a Civil Partnership or having a Wedding is one of the most significant moments in life. God’s people have very often prayed at such momentous times. So we would be glad to meet with you and your partner and your families to explore these important matters. Appropriate services of thanksgiving and celebration can be designed to take place in the Cathedral or one of our chapels where we can ask for God’s strength and guidance and where we can seek God’s wisdom and the help of the Holy Spirit. This can take place during one of our scheduled services or on a separate occasion. Fees can be explained at a meeting between the couple and clergy.

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